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Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Services in Knoxville

A kitchen is a place most families spend a lot of their time. Good food, combined with the right atmosphere makes a kitchen a great gathering hub. When your kitchen is old, outdated, and uninviting, it can really impact the value of the home. Something as simple as changing up the look of your kitchen cabinets can have a huge impact on your home’s value.

cabnet painting & refinishing

We paint and refinish kitchen cabinets, breathing new life into them. We take all of the proper steps to prepare the cabinet surfaces. We also mask off other areas where paint isn’t desired, making sure that only the cabinets are painted. We sand all of the surfaces and paint the cabinets in place.

Benefits Of Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

With the rising costs of wood building materials, an affordable alternative is refinishing and painting cabinets. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing is a multi-step process of sanding, deglossing, priming, and then applying high-quality paint. Add value to your home’s kitchen and update the look without having to buy all new cabinets.

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You don’t have to buy all new cabinets to get a different look for your kitchen.

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No Hassle

Leave the cabinets where they are. We can paint them in-place as they are.



We do all of the prep work including door removal, sanding and clean up.