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Staining Services in Knoxville, TN


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Instead of paint, staining can be a great look for the wood areas of your home. When you have quality wood materials, a beautiful option is to stain the wood, showing the beautiful grain and giving a natural look. Combined with the right exterior paint colors, trim & materials, staining decks and doors can be a great look for any home.

Benefits Of Staining

Besides creating a rich look, staining wood can provide protection to the wood material, sealing it from elements such as moisture, helping it to last longer. We provide staining services for decks, doors and porches.

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Unique Look

There are many stain colors and finishes for just the look you want.

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Protects & seals surfaces for longevity. Some stains can help protect from pests.


Easy to Maintain

Stained surfaces require very little maintenance to keep looking great.